For your peace of mind, we have a prompt service of collection from your veterinary clinic or home.


Central Victorian Pet Cremations guarantees a respectful and individual cremation service for your pet. Our individual cremation service, in our on site cremators, guarantees the safe return of your special friend’s ashes.

A certificate will be supplied on return of your beloved pet’s ashes.


Cremation costs vary according to the weight of your pet and location. For those who do not require their pets ashes returned in an urn, a free-of-charge niche box is included in the cost of cremation.

  • Size
  • Pocket Pets
  • 1kg to 10kg
  • 11kg to 25kg
  • 26kg to 50kg
  • 51kg to 80kg
  • Niche Box
  • $125.00
  • $210.00
  • $235.00
  • $260.00
  • $300.00
  • Traditional Urn (Choice of 3)
  • $190.00
  • $275.00
  • $315.00
  • $355.00
  • $395.00

– A travel charge may apply if collection is outside of the Bendigo area.

– There may also be an additional cost if your pet is to be collected from a vet, to cover their fees.

Please contact us to discuss, or view our range of receptacles here


When selecting a receptacle, please follow the below guidelines in regards to selecting the most appropriate size receptacle for your pet.

Keepsake receptacle – Pets up to 1.5kg

Small receptacle – Pets up to 10kg

Medium receptacle – Pets 11kg – 25kg

Large receptacle – Pets 26kg and over